Collection: Paolo Fedeli

Italian artist Paolo Fedeli has won over 150 prizes in Italian art competitions including the prestigious Rana D’oro. His highly personal and expressive artworks are characterised by a subtle yet luminous palette, a lyrical style, and a poetic perspective which casts an entirely new light on every cityscape, no matter how familiar.

Paolo was born in Florence, Tuscany – an area known for its stunning landscapes and abundant Renaissance art and architecture. Growing up in such a beautiful and culturally rich environment gave him all the inspiration he needed to start painting from a young age, and eventually lead him to gain a Master of Arts degree at the prestigious Art Institute of Siena. While his early work concentrated on replicating the beauty surrounding him onto canvas, over the years, his travels have inspired and expanded his style into urban landscapes; his most recent works capture cities such as Venice, London and New York with a uniquely impressionistic approach. ', 'Although his subject matter remains traditional, Paolo seeks to add a contemporary twist to his work by constructing an impression of a city with a unique close up perspective, giving the viewer a sense of intimacy with the location. He utilises the effect of light and shade in the foreground, combined with a soft background to create great delicacy and freshness in every piece.

Often choosing to paint outside, Paolo prefers to draw directly onto canvas rather than make preliminary sketches. This combines with his beautifully controlled understanding of light and shade, rich textures and reflections, to imbue a sense of spontaneity and natural movement into each piece. He develops his own paints by combining acrylic with coloured pigments, which creates a unique palette, bringing another whole level of innovation and individuality to the finished works.

“There is so much beauty in the nature of the Tuscan landscape which is my home, and it was this which set me on a creative path. But nature as seen in the light, the weather, the vast skies and the ancient cypress trees is a huge part of the urban world too, and this has a dynamic and dramatic beauty all its own which I love to explore and communicate.”