Collection: Linda Charles

Linda Charles was born in 1969 in the South East of England. As long as I can remember I have always had a creative streak; drawing and designing from a very early age. She attended Herriot Watt University in Scotland where she studied textiles and fashion. This led her to an interest in abstract work in which she became more and more involved.

She began to design work incorporating heavy texture using materials such as gold and silver leaf. The use of colour at the time lent itself to the advent of the interior design boom of the early 2000s and her work began to sell in huge quantities worldwide. She has always been keen to develop her work by fusing certain qualities of my abstract work into real life imagery. Her love for fashion and animals have recently combined to produce brand new collections using her traditional combinations of textures and various media, now including elements of digital collage, with loveable animals against unique backdrops as well as magnificent pieces of individual fashionable couture models featuring stunning real textures such as feathers, jewels and fabrics.